Sweet Protection blends industry-leading innovation with the finest craftsmanship available to create the safest and most advanced helmets, eyewear, protective gear and apparel. 



Sweet strives to inspire every outdoor enthusiast.

From World Cup ski racers to the weekend warrior out with their kids and everyone in between – to give them the confidence to go further and faster. If you aren’t able to push your own limits, we aren’t doing our job.



Our core design philosophy guides all our decisions:

Stronger. Lighter. Better.


sweet protection aero cylcing TT innovation


We are overachievers with extremely high expectations for our products well above and beyond industry certifications and standardized tests. 




Sweet is based in Norway and was founded by a tight-knit group of skiers, riders, cyclists and paddlers, looking to make the best helmets and apparel available. We build the gear we use and stand behind every product we make. To us there is no compromise. Our passion is your protection.


August 30, 2023