Helmet Sizing Guide - Redeemer

Determine your size using the chart below. All Sweet Protection helmets feature our Occigrip dial-in system to fine tune your fit within the ranges given below. All measurements are in cm.

Size S/M L/XL
55-58 59-61

How to Measure

Wrap a measuring tape around your head, just above the ears. Try to keep the tape level from front to back.

Choosing the right size

As helmet size affects the aerodynamic properties of the rider, we have developed a modular system of comfort pads called Fitpads. The interior Mips lining is thin with a soft surface, allowing users to wear the helmet without any Fitpads or strategically placing them for a comfortable and snug fit. This can help users that are in-between sizes to choose the one that is correct for them, and still have a comfortable and secure fit.

The exterior width leading up to the shoulders of the S/M helmet is 271 mm, while the L/XL is 285 mm. Meaning a smaller, narrow-shouldered rider between sizes might want to choose the S/M and wear it without Fitpads, while a bigger rider might benefit by sizing up and using the included Fitpads.