Clockwork RIG Reflect Goggle Lens - Quartz (Low-Light)


Adapt your Clockwork goggles for low-light use with the RIG Quartz lens, with a high 45% VLT/S1 rating.

  • Hook interface for easy fitting/swapping of lenses.
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings for smudge- and fog-resistant performance.
  • 1.3mm thick cylindrical lens for maximum stability and impact strength.


LENS: RIG® Quartz

VLT: 45% Category S1 (Low light)

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Adapt your Clockwork goggles for low-light use with the RIG Quartz lens, with a high 45% VLT/S1 rating.

The dual-layer lens is equipped with a GORE® Protective Vent to maintain pressure equilibrium between the inner and outer walls. This effectively eliminates the distortion that can arise from fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, preserving crisp, clear vision no matter what the conditions. RIG® lens technology ensures exceptional contrast and definition while minimising colour distortion and dramatically reducing eye strain. 

The Clockwork's advanced oleophobic and hydrophobic coating treatments, including our Clear AF anti-fog technology on the inner lens, provide dependable and durable protection against smudging and fogging. 

RIG® Lens Technology

RIG® is a revolutionary lens technology developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast-enhanced vision, minimise color distortion and reduce eye fatigue. RIG® controls which wavelengths of light are transmitted through the lens, enabling the eyes to see more detail and protecting them from harmful rays. By choosing to 'RIG® your experience', you are choosing game-changing vision that allows you to push your limits, no matter where you play.

Experience the Difference

Match your RIG® lens to the conditions you play in.
Choose from a wide range of lens tints and VLT ratings to suit all uses.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) describes the percentage of light in the environment that reaches your eye after passing through the lens. A lower number corresponds to a darker lens. Generally speaking, a higher VLT lens will suit lower light conditions, and a lower VLT lens will suit brighter, sunnier conditions. 

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