Meet Charlie, a local shredder based out of the Bay Of Plenty. She's not just a class bike rider though, she's also a legend off the bike too. As one of our rad ambassadors, Charlie lives and breathes the Sweet Protection lifestyle. Here's a bit of a Q & A session we had with Charlie to delve a little in to her world.


Sweet Protection: Have bikes always been a part of your life and when and how did you get into riding? 

Charlie: I started riding bmx when I was 8! We lived across the road from the Taupō BMX track when I was growing up. I followed the boys over one day after school and was hooked. 

Favourite type/discipline of riding and why?

I love all things flow - so probably free ride. The more jumps the better!


What’s your proudest riding moment?

Probably all of Crankworx Rotorua 2024! I kept surprising myself - I went in with zero expectations. Whip Off especially. I didn’t think I was capable of hitting that jump yet. It was an insane feeling. Looking forward to more of that!



When you're not ripping it up on 2 wheels what do you do with yourself for work and for fun? 

When I’m not riding bikes I’m usually working as a medic at events and in the bike parks or volunteering on the fire trucks. 

and for fun...

Some friends have recently gotten me into jiujitsu which is a cool new challenge 🙈. If I’m not riding bikes I’m doing that or something in the outdoors - surfing & adventuring.  


Favourite trail and why?

Has to be Mr Black at Skyline Rotorua 😜


Favourite trick and what tricks do you want to tick off?

Fav trick is a lazy one hander haha. Keen to get combos like tuck no hander to t bog - one foot and no foot cans are rad too. And backflips to dirt soon.  


Do you have any goals/ambitions or plans to see you through 2024 and beyond?

I would love to compete in the full Crankworx world tour! I would also love to ride at the iconic Free Ride locations & bike parks like Utah, Whistler, Morzine, Innsbruck & Dyfi. Looks amazing over there! The ultimate goal is to be consistent on Crankworx podiums and riding in Free Ride events across the world.


Thanks for taking the time to get to know you a little better Charlie!

Make sure you follow what Charlie's up to on her socials here. 

Pictures by Cameron Mackenzie & Rachel Hadfield
April 09, 2024
Tags: Athlete